6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Solar Powered Homes

Solar buildings and homes are fast becoming a fad. Home owners are starting to invest in residential solar equipment and that has lead to the solar industry boom.

There are many benefits of using solar power for homes. I’ve came up with a list of 6. It is not a comprehensive list. If you want to add to the list, feel free to add in the comment section below.

1) Subsidies

The government wants home and building owners to invest in green technology such as solar. Personally, I think it is a self serving interest.

Going green is a strong positive environment message that can get a lot of votes. This is a good thing because everyone wins in the arrangement.

The best way to promote solar power is to get more people to invest in it. The best way to do that is to offer subsidizes. Do you know in some part of the country, you can get a discount on home solar system of more than 50 percent due to subsidy?

What better way to get the government to pay you for going green?

2) Mitigate pollution to the environment

Want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Start using solar power for your household.

When you use energy from the sun, you are drawing less power from the grid. Less power demand equals less oil or coal being burned to generate electricity. Hence, less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

3) Investment hedging

Do you know solar components can be a good investment hedging? Chances are, residential solar technologies are going to get more popular in the future.

Therefore, houses that use solar equipment will increase in value.

If the costs for global crude oil were to rise, and probably it will, energy cost will increase in tandem. That will make solar homes more desirable.

A lot of signs showing costs will go up, not down. That’s a good way to hedge your capital investment.

4) Lifestyle insurance

When energy cost goes up, your household is not affected too much because you are using less power. If you have a tied in system, your energy cost may increase a little but still manageable.

In general, you have an assurance of your family lifestyle.

5) Home value appreciation

By simply installing a solar power system, it will automatically increase your home value without raising your property taxes. Not only will you save on your monthly power utility bills, the money saved is not taxable! What more can you ask?

6) Intangible benefits

Some of be benefits of using solar energy is not measurable. For example, playing a role to clean up the environment. A lot of people may be saying they want to go green and that’s about it.

By using a residential solar system, you are taking proactive action! When you put solar panels on your roof, your neighbor will notice. Maybe they will be nicer to you…

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