Walk Through Video: Simple & Inexpensive Home Solar Power System

Is it possible for anyone without prior knowledge to build a home solar power system?

Everything is possible. All you need is time, dedication and a good step-by-step instructions.

If you like, you can make a whole DIY solar panels that will take your home off the nation power grid.

That is true green living lifestyle.

Just imagine the amount of money you will save by using free energy from mother nature.

If you were to check, a ready made home solar power system can cost from $5000 to $30,000. That is a pretty steep investment.

How to buy 1000 Ah used deep cycle batteries for dirt cheap?

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If you were to spend that kind of money, you want to make sure you will be staying at your current home for a long time.

This kind of home improvement project would need quite some time to recover your investment.

If you are on a limited budget, building your own DIY solar panel will only cost your as little as $500.

Save the Planet – Save On Electricity

To go green is the talk of the generation. Various conferences and meetings are held regularly across the globe to ponder upon the ways to save our environment from dying out. According to environmentalists, one needs to start working from the very root of the problem to curb the crisis.

Hence, it is our duty to work for the good of our environment, with thorough understanding and judicious measures. Global awareness on this should be started immediately and everyone should take the first step towards saving on electricity.

Start From The Root

To start off, consider your home energy usage. Look at it properly and critically and you will come across various acts of misuse of energy, every now and then.

Though your homes are not the ultimate consumers and there are larger businesses and industrial sectors, which require cutting down on many of their wastage, you have to start from the root. If all of us unite to save on electricity, then we can save the future for us and of our upcoming generations.

Well, this does not mean that we do not use our air conditioners or refrigerators, etc., but what you can do is to refrain from misuse and take some simple initiatives to keep the electrical and electronic devices on standby mode and remember to switch off appliances regularly after their use.

For this, all you require is a little patience and care when using energy consuming products.

Learn Where You Can Save

As the temperature is soaring, there is an increase in the demand for air conditioners and you know how much of energy an air condition consumes.

However, here too you can save on electricity by following simple guidelines such as planning the right configuration of equipment for the space available.

For example, small rooms which can do well with a one-ton equipment can dispense with a of two ton capacity machine.. Moreover, using it in sleep mode gives you a lot of saving.

Similarly, heaters can be used in the same way during winter. Switching to inverters instead of high power generators are always a better option. This helps to reduce power bills to a great extent and cuts down on wasteful consumption of energy.

Appliances And Their Usage

A refrigerator is an indispensable appliance of current’ household. It is understandable why the working class has a higher current bill always. This is a device which is hardly ever switched off; hence its time of usage is the most among other kitchen appliances.

You have two very important ways to save on energy in terms of the refrigerator.

One, by simply reducing the frequency of opening its door and two, by keeping the refrigerator half a foot away from the wall in order to prevent it from conducting unnecessary energy.

Renewable Source Of Energy

There are various options if we consider energy saving seriously. CFL bulbs are a very modern and low energy consuming option that requires just one-third the energy compared to a regular high voltage bulb. Instead of using electrical stoves you could switch to gas stoves.

Moreover, the best approach to save on electricity should be by using renewable sources of energy such as sunlight, wind, water, and magnet, etc., with the aid of various specialized devices.

If exploited in the proper way, it can offer solutions to almost all our energy requirements.

The Earth, your mother, appeals to you to take at least one step, however little, to install a minuscule source of renewable energy in the form of solar energy panels or a wind turbine or a free energy magnetic generator in your home to alleviate the burden of the energy crisis. Imagine what impact a million homes, lit by alternative energy sources, would have!

The fast depletion of the resources of the earth was a major point of worry for Jeff Davis. With undying enthusiasm, Jeff has been engaged for several years in the deep study of alternative sources of energy to give mother earth a respite from her continuous pillage.

He has seen the advantages of the endless power sources like wind and sunlight and the newly highlighted free magnetic power and recommends that all of us have a duty to mother earth to implement the utilization and application of these energy sources, for a start at least from our homes save on electricity

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