LED Light Bulb – Simple Solution To Reduce Home Energy Bill

These days our home electricity bills have gone through the roof and the amount of energy we consume keeps increasing by the day. If you are a home owner, you will definitely be keen to reduce energy consumption and thereby lower your monthly energy expenses.

In these days of financial difficulties, people tend to make cuts on spending wherever they can. Private companies worldwide are keen on innovating new lighting products that can cut costs and at the same time provide good quality light to consumers. Their efforts are solving 2 challenges at the same time. Kudos to them!

The use of the traditional incandescent bulbs and halogens is fast disappearing. The use of compact fluorescent lamps is also on the decline. These bulbs and lamps are high on energy consumption. It is only a matter of time before they are discontinued in the market.

So what will be the next lighting product revolution? The use of LED light lamps is on the rise. Consumers have found that these new lamps have a very low operating cost and help to reduce energy consumption.

The abbreviation LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. These LED lamps are extremely durable and last a very long time. They last at least 20 times longer than your standard incandescent bulbs. That saves you a lot of money in replacing those fused out bulbs. This makes them extremely consumer friendly as well.

Most of them can even operate at very low voltages and when other lamps have stopped working, these magical lamps continue to outperform them all. The level of efficiency of the LED lamps is amazing. They are 80% more efficient than halogens and normal bulbs used this far. This means there is less wastage of energy and that in turn means energy saved.

When all the incandescent bulbs in your home or your office block are replaced with LED lamps, the effect on your energy savings is stunning. Your energy bills really would come down rapidly.

Another aspect about these LED bulbs is that they are ecofriendly. They cause less damage to the environment as they last longer and thus less of them are needed worldwide. This saves valuable resources for the whole world. They are easy to dispose and do not contain any toxic waste products.

Accumulation of hazardous toxic waste is the number one cause of environmental degradation. Compact fluorescent lamps or CFL’s are also used widely. They produce good quality light but the energy savings effect is not the same as that of LED lamps.

But they are definitely more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulbs. They are about 25% more efficient and consume less energy and hence are quite sought after.

LED lighting product contains mercury vapour which is used to stimulate light emission from the phosphorous coating inside. They are also more durable than standard household bulbs.

The latest trend in lighting is the sensor light bulb. These light bulbs operate with an inbuilt sensor. These lamps are actually CFLs but have sensors along with them. They switch on and off automatically in response to the increase and decrease of natural daylight. They help to save energy as no energy is wasted when lights are turned off when not required.

Hence they are also called “Dusk to Dawn Lights”. They provide excellent light and can emit light equal to that of a 100 watt bulb by consuming only 20 watts of electricity. All these are energy saving bulbs and the world is gradually adapting to a more eco-friendly lighting technology.

If I seem to be promoting LED lights, that’s because I am. It is a simple device and adopting it at home is so easy. Take a quick look at your household energy bill, do you want to reduce the amount? If you do, head over to your local hardware store and get a couple of those LED lights right now!