Howard Leight R-01526 Earmuff – Peace And Quiet At Last

All of us have experienced the need for earmuffs. When you are working in your garage, you may not need them, but your wife or your children will wish they have them.

Your family may need good quality earmuffs because the noise level can get too unbearable. Sometimes you just feel the urge to drown out the noise so that you can have some peace.

It has been my constant endeavour to find good earmuffs. I have used earmuffs in the past and have seen some pretty good ones in my time. But I had never tried the new Howard Leight R-01526 earmuffs and it seems like a good time to try them out.

The R-01526 seemed a decent pair and I was very tempted to buy a set. There were some negative comments on blogs and forum about these new earmuffs and that made me hesitate.

However, despite my slight concern I decided to go ahead and purchase a pair for my wife. Anyway they were really for my wife and not for me. So that should not hurt! Of course she would be quick to realize that.

My wife is a very discerning kind of woman when it comes to evaluating the quality of earmuffs. She has an inbuilt sixth sense which allows her to perceive those minute differences which we ordinary mortals do not seem to possess.

Most women have an inbuilt sixth sense anyway. It is just that we men folk refuse to see it until it is too late. She tried out the Howard Leight R-01526 earmuffs I bought for her when I was busy working in my garage. She did not notice all the sawing, drilling and knocking sound I made.

And I must admit she was quick to allay any fears I might have had about the quality of the new earmuffs I had taken the trouble to purchase for her.

Although she did point out that she had difficulty in adjusting her glasses as these earmuffs were a little too tight around the ears. The Howard Leight R-01526 are a compact fit and do a grand job of lowering and blocking out the decibel of unwanted sound.

The price of these newfangled earmuffs is a bit on the higher side. But for this price they do offer good quality.

The brand name of Howard Leight says it all. The best part is that these earmuffs allow you to carry on a normal conversation and do not drown out sound completely. Only when the decibel level goes too high do they cut out the sound and that is great as it happens automatically and offers great protection.

However the one drawback I noticed is the recovery time. It takes a little too long to allow normal sound to flow through again and that can be a little irritating. My wife found that a bit bothersome. But we all tend to get used to that sort of thing quickly. It even takes a bit longer to turn on the power.

There is no power indicator to let you know whether they are switched on or not. The user manual is not worth reading. These earmuffs serve the purpose they are meant for. They provide automatic protection and that is very good indeed. But it would do you no harm to check out other brands as well.

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