Magniwork Magnetic Generator – Is The Magniwork E-book Just A Scam?

When I was doing my research on the internet on the subject of home renewable energy, I came across an e-book called Magniwork Magnetic Generator. The first time I saw it, I didn’t give much attention to it and moved on.

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of advertisement about the magnetic generator guide on many renewable energy related web sites. There were also a lot of ads popping up on the Google search results. That got me curious. So I decided to dig further. And yes…I did take out my credit card and bought the manual.

Why did I buy the Magniwork e-book? Since, the guide was offered under Clickbank, if I didn’t like the content, I can always ask them for a full refund. That’s one of the reason I like buying information product on the web. There’s not much risk on my side. I don’t think I can return a book to Barnes and Nobel or Borders store after I read a book that I didn’t like.

My first thought when I’ve downloaded the e-book was, “is the Magniwork magnetic generator concept a scam?” The manual teaches people how to generate free energy by using the forces of magnets. Is it a guide to make a perpetual motion generator?

As far as I know, that kind of technology does not exist or it is simply impractical. That actually drove my curiosity even more.

It took me only about an hour to read through the manual. It’s pretty interesting, I must say. The Magniwork manual claims you can make a magnetic dynamo by placing strong magnets on specific location.

The “attraction” and “repelling” forces of magnets will generate potential kinetic energy to spin a flywheel. The flywheel can be connected to an electric generator (similar to a generator used on a bicycle) to produce electricity.

Honestly, I am not sure if the kinetic forces produced by the magnets are capable of spinning the core of the generator. There’s a lot of resistance there.

The videos that come with the Magniwork manual do show a very simple magnet generator apparatus. But how much power is produced by the system is still not very clear.

So, what is my conclusion? Is the Magniwork magnet generator concept a fraud? Well, I did learn something new from the manual and I believe there is some value in it.

Can you use a magnet generator to power all your home electrical appliances? Unfortunately, that is only a pipe dream.

Perpetual motion generator is a myth. For that kind of technology to become a reality, we have to find a way to solve the “friction” issue first.

So, what is the Magniwork e-book good for? If you have a kid looking for ideas for a school science project, the magnetic generator concept will definitely attract a lot of attention from his teachers and friends. People might even think he is the next Albert Einstein.

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