Tesla Generator Blueprint – Nikola Tesla Lost Plans?

Couple of weeks ago, I saw a documentary on Nikola Tesla and the show was called The Genius Who Lit the World. It was a very intriguing documentary indeed.

After watching that show, I decided to do some search online on the history of Nikola Tesla and all the scientific work that he did. There were a lot of information and there were also a lot of interesting articles. There are some people who claimed that one of Tesla greatest invention, the Tesla generator was hidden from the public. Reason being, a Tesla generator is capable of generating free power from nature thus causing all the power companies to become absolute. Sounds like a show from Sci-Fi, doesn’t it?

Nonetheless, there is some truth behind the conspiracy. I came across a web site at www.nikolateslasecret.com that claimed the government is keeping all of Nikola Tesla generator blueprint inside the vault of the patent office. That statement is very intriguing and I am a sucker for scientific related stuffs especially things that has some conspiracy drama behind it.

I actually bought the Tesla generator plans from the Tesla Secret web site just to find out what’s it all about. Generally, the e-book explains how Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla generator when he was working for Thomas Edison and was in the prime of his career. Ultimately, his research and invention lead to the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower, a project funded by J.P. Morgan back in 1901.

For some reason, the Wardenclyffe Tower was never completed, in fact, the structure was torn down. A lot people back then said Thomas Edison had a lot to do with the failure of the Wardenclyffe Tower. It was said that the Wardenclyffe Tower is capable of generating free electricity from the earth. That’s a very bad proposition if you are in the power generation and distribution business, which Thomas Edison was.

Was there a conspiracy to keep the Tesla generator blueprints from the public? According to the Tesla Secret guide, apparently there is. And after 90 years, they managed to retrieve the design plans from the patent office.

Tesla Coil Description

Tesla Coil Plan

The whole idea sounds very dramatic, nonetheless, I was pretty happy to see the original Tesla generator plans with Nikola Tesla’s personal signature. Everything looks very old and I think the plans were all hand drawn with detailed description for the patent office.

If you like the work of Nikola Tesla and want to have a look at his original work from the early 1900, check out the Tesla Secret web site. You’ll get a good glimpse of scientific history.

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