How To Get Started on Homemade Solar Power

If you are planning to power your home with solar energy, the simplest way to get started is to purchase solar integrated components such as solar panel, solar gazebo lights, solar air ventilation fan etc.

To install the solar components are quite simple. Taking the solar panel as an example, the entire unit can be installed on the deck of your roof quite easily. Some solar panel manufacturers also include accessories or attachment which fits your roof tiles or frame.

Installing the solar panel is straight forward, but it does require some strength. Although the entire solar module is quite light, but carrying it to the top of your roof can be a challenge. You will need a sturdy ladder and safety gear when you are doing the installation process.

Personally, I will do the installation myself for smaller solar component. However, if I need a complete solar system which will generate power for my house, most probably I will engage the service of a professional solar contractor.

How safe is it when we engage a solar contractor? What if they make a mistake and our house burns down?

If you are in the process of choosing a contractor to install the solar system, it is best to look at their history and precious track records.

There are not a lot of barriers for anyone to start a solar system installation business. The only thing we can use to judge the contractor’s capability is from their previous work.

It is a pain to go through all the list of contractors to find the one you like. Nonetheless, it is a necessity which will save you a lot of time, money and headache later.

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