What You Ought To Know About Solar Attic Fan

You might have been doing research about power saving products and techniques but you may not have heard of solar attic fans till now. Solar attic fans are nothing new (they’ve been in use approximately for several decades), but they are turning out to be less pricey and more accessible to the general marketplace.

The escalating reputation of solar attic fans is well-deserved; they can make a considerable variation in the home cooling expenses throughout hot months. What are solar attic fans do? The fundamental function of solar attic fans is to trim down the amount of temperature in your house.

Solar attic fans function by eradicating the warm air from a home where it tends to accumulate – the attic, which is the uppermost spot in a home. By removing the amount of hot air in a house, the entire home becomes slightly cooler. Plus, by using a solar attic fan to reduce the hot air in a home, no external electricity is used which significantly reduces your electricity consumption.

When selecting a solar attic fan, remember that you don’t need a huge solar panel to get the work done because the device only needs approximately 10 watts of energy. In fact, it may only take a small Photovoltaic (PV) panel that yield about ten watts of energy to power a brushless fan motor.

You’ll require about one solar attic fan for every 800 cubic feet of air in order to stir the air each minute in hot-weather situations. To estimate how many cubic feet are in your attic space evaluate with the width of your attic by its height and depth.

Keep in mind that you may have to factor in space for eaves or inclined roofs. Normally you’ll need about four solar roof fans for a 2,500 square foot home.

You’ll notice that there are numerous types of solar powered attic fans available in the market. Each type of fan is crafted for a definite purpose; some fans are great for gable mounted solar vents, while others should be installed with the shingles.

Naturally, you’ll get the exact requirement and longest lasting results from your solar powered attic fan if you work with a skilled contractor to verify how many, which type, and where the fans are going to be installed in your house .

Having Proper Insulation

Remember that insulation is one of the most significant things concerned with keeping your home breezy in the summer and hot in the winter weather. As a result, be sure to take time to correctly insulate your attic prior to installing your solar attic fan.

Now that you have understood the workings of solar attic fans, it’s time to look for the right model for your home. You’ll love the outcome you’ll get when your solar attic fan helps to reduce your energy expenses, while keeping you cool all summer long!

Build Your Own Solar Panel Guide

One of the best ways to save money on a residential solar power system is to build your own solar panel. If you are good with hand tools, you can make a Photovoltaic (PV) array for around $150. What you’ll need is a step by step instructional guide.

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