How To Get The Most Juice Out Of Your Solar Panels

A solar panel must be kept well maintained and clean to run at its maximum efficiency. Any dirt particles on the panel will block the sun light from reaching that portion of the panel and reduce its efficiency. Proper and regular cleaning and maintenance of the solar panel will increase the energy output efficiency of the panel by almost 30% or even more.

Below are listed some useful tips to manually keep your solar panel clean and well maintained in order to get the most power out from the array. The materials required are water, cleaning solution, soft sponge or towel and a squidgy or other window-cleaning tool.

For cleaning your solar panel first of all you must ensure that the access to the panel is clear and safe. If your solar panel is located on the terrace, be sure that when you are there to clean it, you are not at any risk to injure yourself. The solar panels are water proof and the cleaning method is somewhat like that of glasses.

First you have to wet the surface of the panel with water and cleaning solution. This will soak the dirt and any other stain of filth that have settled on the panel and loosen them. The electric components of the panel are secured under the surface so you do not run the risk of damaging the electric components by wetting them.

After the entire panel completely soaked, use your sponge or the soft towel to rub off the dirt and the cleaning solution from the panel surface. Take caution not to scratch your panel else it will show up in the cleaned up panel.

Environmental friendly cleaning solutions are also available and are preferred by many. These are great as long as they can remove the dirt effectively. Best is to try your cleaning solution on a transparent glass window. This way it will be much easier to ascertain its efficiency rather than by trying directly on the solar panel which are darker.

Solar panels are kept in open to receive the solar energy. Hence it can only natural that debris like leaves, sticks etc. will fall and settle on them and many of them could damage your panel. Check your panel periodically and remove those debris to protect it from any kind of damage and maintain its efficiency.

While you are cleaning the panel with water, make sure that you remove all the debris before you put water and cleaning solutions. There are automatic cleaning systems available for the solar panels. Depending on the location where your solar panel is placed you may want to go for an automatic cleaning system. They are particularly useful if your solar panels are located in an area which is not easily accessible.

The automatic cleaning system works on the similar principle as that of the windshield wipers of a car. It has a spray hose and a mechanical arm which is used for cleaning the panel.

Another very simple yet very useful tip to clean and maintain the efficiency of your solar panel: install the solar in a tilted manner – at a little angle. Whenever it is raining the rain water will wash away all dirt from your solar panel cleaning them naturally without any effort from your end.

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