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Power4Home Popular Mechanics – As Seen There

Has John Russel’s Power4Home e-book appeared on the Popular Mechanics web portal? Sometimes in the past, it has actually. Appearing on the Popular Mechanics portal is not that difficult, all you have to do is purchase a banner ad on the web site. My guess is, that is what John Russel did. Does this mean [...]

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Power 4 Home Complaints – Why People Are Complaining About John Russel Power4Home

If you were to search the web about complaints on Power4Home, you will find lots of them. But why are people complaining about John Russel’s Power4Home e-book? From my experience, the main reason is because they were unable to get their refund. Just like most of the information products offered on the internet, every purchase [...]

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John Russel Power4Home System Guide

If you were to do a search on Google for the name John Russel, most probably you will find the web site for the Power4Home e-book. Power4Home is fast becoming one of the top selling manual for Do It Yourself (DIY) home renewable energy guide on the web. But who is John Russel exactly? Reading [...]

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