Maxsa Innovations 40218 – What I Like And What I Do Not Like About It

Recently, I bought the Maxsa Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight from and I though I’ll do a quick write up about it.

The 40218 works right for a small-to-medium area that needs to be lit up. The installation is very easy and simple to set up. The settings can also be adjusted without any problems whatsoever. So far so good.

The only issue is that the lights go on during the day time. Yes my LED light is on in broad day light! None of my other solar lights seem to have this problem.

Oh yes, I am moving in front of the light, but this should not be so. I wish Maxsa Innovations would do further adjustment on the sensitivity of the sensor during day time. I have not been successful in changing the settings, nevertheless, I will try again.

My opinion is that it is a good light, bright enough, and it works well. But, if you are willing to spend $20 or $30 more, you can probably get a better light with a better fixture after all. But would you spend the extra money just to light up your porch?

Anyway allow me to share with you why I love this light. Firstly, the range of the light is quite wide. There are three controls that can be set. You can set the time when you want the light on, night or day.

You can also specify the time span it should stay on once it senses motion to last anywhere between two to four minutes. It is programmed to stay on through all motion and normally the timer is set when the motion stops. Actually, 45 seconds to 5 minutes is pretty accurate.

The sensitivity of the Maxsa Innovations 40218 can be changed between high and low. I wanted the light to pick up movements of cars and people. I therefore set the sensitivity to medium. It helps my daughter follow a lighted path along the garden from the driveway to the porch. The skunks and rabbits have still not ventured out, they’re in the dark!

The light is pretty durable and strong. I actually dropped it from about 10 feet during installation. It did not break even then and it still works!

The light glows brightly in pitch darkness; it does not blind you, it is subdued; and it does not attract the bugs. There’s no way a solar powered light will march an electric powered light anyway.

You can differentially point the two lights to wherever you want. This makes it perfect to light up driveways and walkways, or two corners of your house.

The angle of the solar panel is adjustable. The panel can be put in the best angle without compromising on the position of the solar light. The cord between the two is long enough.

The light has a sensory range of approximately 25 feet. Sounds like a long range. But when put up on the 15-foot garage peek, it has only a 10-foot motion sensory range. The 180 degree range to pick up motion is useful only if you place it on the ground.

You can point it to positions that you need it to pick up motion from. If not on the ground, you have to get pretty close before it lights your way. On the whole, it is a great product. And I plan get a few more of them, now that I know where to put them up to get the best light coverage.

If you are looking for a LED solar powered motion sensor security light for your home, click on the button on the right and get the Maxsa Innovations 40218 from and have it delivered to your doorstep right now.