7 Steps To Get Solar Contractor License In California

During the period from 1979 to 2010, solar energy has a growth of 33% and it is expected to be 40% for the period starting from 2011 to 2020. Mr. John Addison the publisher, Clean Fleet Report estimates that 32 GW of solar power was installed globally of which 7.2 GW was installed in the last year.

The use of solar energy is increasing day by day and hence it is becoming more marketable. It is mostly used in construction related jobs. It is advisable to get a solar contractor’s license and become a part of this growing industry by being a contractor. Certain steps are to be completed to get a solar contractor’s license in California.

The basic steps required to be completed are stated below. These processes may be different for different states. Hence there is a possibility of the license not being recognized by other states than from where it was taken.

Step 1 – Visit the State License Board Website.

You can visit the California State License Board website at www.cslb.ca.gov.

Step 2 – Confirm License Classification.

The next step is the confirmation of license classification. Class “C” is the classification for solar contractors’ license. It is meant for specialty contractors. 41 different “C” license classifications are there for contractors whose works call for building trades, crafts and specific skills.

C-46 is the classification for a solar contractor’s license and hence it should be applied for.

Step 3 – The Qualification.

According to the rules prevailing in California, you must have undergone apprenticeship training or college education and should have attained a journeyman level experience before applying for the license. You also should have an actual business entity.

Hence before applying for the license, you have to make sure that you are qualified. Four years experience in solar related work is the required, but the California State License Board grants almost three years of credit if you have a Bachelor’s degree, credited solar courses and certificate course.

Hence those who do not have the required experience of four years can go for it by starting to take solar training.

Step 4 – Complete the application thoroughly.

Ensure that the application form is properly filled and a non-refundable application fee is also to be paid along with the submission of application form. If the applications are not complete it may be subject to rejection.

The application takes a period of four to six weeks or even more to be processed. Then you will be informed the examination date. If you have filled up all the required details and information in the application form precisely the processing time will be less. California State License Board website allows you to print the application form from within the site.

Step 5 – Time to wait and prepare.

After the period of four to six weeks time of processing, notice requiring you to appear for the examination is being sent. This period can be considered as the time for preparation and you can prepare for the test by attending courses or training or by using study tools.

Step 6 – Test time.

When your application is approved the examination date and location is informed. Usually the locations are in the cities of San Bernardino, San Diego, Inglewood, Ventura, Buena Park, Sacramento, Oakland and Fresno. An examination centre which is nearer to your business address will be assigned to you.

If you are attending the examinations for the first time you should take two exams, the first being general law and second being trade examination and the trade is solar. The examinations will be of duration of two and half hours and so a total of five hours duration.

Your absence will cost you $50 rescheduling fee. You get a period of 18 months after applying for achieving a pass grade. During this period you can attempt for the examination any times till you pass.

Step 7 – Waiting for your score.

Once you fail you can get a breakdown of your percentage for each examination and can take the examination again. If you are passed you get the information to that effect and your certificate and license number will be sent.

It is fact that your experience can play an important part in getting qualified. If you are not having required experience then you can go for a certificate course from renewable energy institutions.

After having taken this training you can get it credited towards the experience called for. Hence if you are really interested do not hesitate to start the solar training program.