Phone 4 Energy Review – Is It Full of BS?

I have been doing my research on home solar power system for the last couple of months. To reduce a home electricity bill is not difficult by using solar power, but it involves some capital investment and a lot of hard work.

A home residential solar power system is all about using solar panels to extract energy from the sun and then use it to charge a series of deep cycle battery.

The power from the batteries would need to be passed through a power inverter and then used to power some of the electrical appliances at home. When you have more electrical equipment hooked up to the solar system, you will see a reduction on your month electricity bill.

Are there any ways to charge the battery apart from using solar power?

If you are living in the urban environment, the second best alternative is to use a residential wind generator.

I did come about an interesting concept where you can get free energy to charge the batteries, by using the power from your telephone line!

I came across this interest concept while search the web. It is the Phone 4 Energy web site.

At first, I thought it is a bunch of BS. But what do I have to loose, I decided to check it out.

The guide was written by Ryan Wilson who is a telephone engineer from New York. He claims there is a source of free energy that most people do not know and he is willing to reveal it.

According to Ryan, the phone company generates their own electricity separate from the power utility company. The electric current is required to bring the telephone signal into your home.

Since we’ve already paying for the fixed phone line, why not find a way to use to the electricity supplied by the phone company?

That idea makes sense to me.

As it turns out, the fixed phone line does have a small amount of Direct Current (DC). The challenge is to find a way to make use of it.

What Ryan Wilson did was come up with a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit to extract the energy from the phone line. It is a small amount, but nonetheless, it is free energy.

Even the Photovoltaic (PV) panels are giving out only a small amount of DC. The advantage is the never ending supply.

To make use of the power from the fixed phone line, a separate wire from the telephone cable has to be connected to the charge controller. And then the charge controller will do the rest to monitor and regulate the power needed to charge the batteries.

After a quick review of the Power 4 Energy web site, I notice the selling price to be $47. What I’ve also notice is some of the bonus e-books that come with the offer.

Bonuses such as the Run Your Car On Water and Magnets 4 Energy are selling at $47 on their own! It’s an interesting offer indeed.

If you have your own home battery bank you’ve build to supplement your electricity consumption, why not use the current coming from the fixed phone line. You’ve already paying for the line, you might as well use the power. The Phone 4 Energy guide will show you how.

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