Should You Replacement Your Old Home Electrical Wiring?

Home electrical wiring has a limited lifespan of 20 years. The PVC cables used for electric wiring have to be replaced once they complete their lifespan as the condition of cables deteriorates due to aging. It is recommended that the homeowners replace the electrical wiring in order to ensure safety at home.

As the condition of the insulation deteriorates, live wires get exposed and cause damage to the properties. It is, therefore, important to follow the electrical wiring replacement schedules with the help of a licensed electrical technician or an electrical engineer.

An electrical technician will be able to ascertain whether it is safe to use the present wiring or not. If it is not safe to use, he can organize its replacement. It is not correct to think that electrical wiring has to be replaced only at the end of its lifespan.

Whenever an electrical problem crops up and electrical wiring has to be replaced, either partly or fully, it has to be done without fail. In order to identify electrical problems, one should have some knowledge about the consumer unit and the switches associated with it.

The consumer unit distributes electricity to the panels that are put together, enclosed and installed at home. The home appliances are protected from electrical faults and overheating of cables by miniature circuit breakers or MCBs.

Tripping of the MCBs will cut power supply to the circuits that are being protected by them. MCBs get switched off due to short circuit, earth-fault, or overload. If such an electrical fault causes serious damage to the wiring, then the wiring is to be necessarily changed.

Replacement of the electrical wiring may be required for fixing both window and split air conditioners. In the case of a window air conditioner, an electrical plug is required for providing power source. The plug has to be mounted by making a rectangular hole in the wall.

The split type air conditioner is more difficult to install as it has sophisticated features. The split type air conditioner has two parts. The one that blows cold air is installed inside the room and the external unit houses the compressor. The two units are connected through pipes. Both the units require separate power sources.

To enjoy trouble free operation of the air conditioner, the plastic filters have to be checked and cleaned frequently. This will eliminate many electrical failures. Replacement of electrical wiring is a risky and serious job.

If you are thorough with the principles of electrical wiring replacement, you may not suffer burns or other fatal injuries. Before replacing the electrical wiring, the power to the circuits has to be turned off. Always double check to make sure that power is cut off.

After successfully replacing everything, including electrical receptacles, you need test using a tester to find out if the receptacle is working. Taking simple steps like this will keep you and visitors to your house safe. Generally, it is possible to manage electrical wiring replacement yourself. However, if you do not have the capabilities, it is better to seek professional help.

If you are planning to start a home solar power system project, make sure you check the condition of your home electrical wiring. It is up to par or is it due for replacement?