My Solar Plans Scam – Does It Really Work?

I have been reviewing Do It Yourself (DIY) home solar power online guides for the last 14 months. I’ve seen some really good ones and some guides are outright awful. The latest residential solar system manual is My Solar Plans available from

When I first saw it, my thought was, “Is My Solar Plans a scam? Does it work?” I actually bought the package and thought of writing this review for all readers.

Is My Solar Plans any different from all the other home solar guides available on the internet? Here’s one thing unique they did, they present their program through a simple video presentation rather than a long sales letter. This is a smart approach because some people do not like to read long web pages.

So far so good!

Inside My Solar Plans members’ area, the bulk of the content is instructional videos showing you how to make a 70 watt Photovoltaic (PV) panel. The quality of the videos is pretty good because they are recorded in High Definition (HD). If you don’t mind Australian accent, the commentator is pretty good as well.

Does My Solar Plans really work? In the main web site, the publisher of MySolarPlans promised to show you how to build your own solar panels for a small price with easy step by step instructions, plans, diagrams and videos. They do deliver on that promise with the 8 HD instructional videos in the members’ area.

All these instructions are good, but are you well versed with handling fragile PV cells, soldering iron and powered hand tools? To make the solar panel, you must be able to make the solar panel box and solder all the solar cells together.

A typical solar panel capable of generating 70 watts of electricity has about 12 PV cells. To generate enough energy from the sun, you would need a minimum of 5 solar panels to have sufficient power for a small room.

If you have never done any soldering before and don’t know how simple powered tools work, then building a DIY home solar power system may not be such a good idea. It is best you outsource the entire project to a professional solar contractor.

Nonetheless, if you have the right skill and knowledge, My Solar Plans program is available for $49.97. Since it is offered through Clickbank, you are automatically covered by their 60 days money back guarantee policy.

Meaning, if you do not see any value in the program, you are entitled for a full refund within 60 days from your purchase date. All you have to do is contact Clickbank Customer Service and give them your receipt number. To watch My Solar Plans video presentation, click on the link below.

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