How To Build Your Own Home Solar Power System

Building Your Own Home Solar Power System

If you are thinking how to build your own home solar power system but you do not know how to get started, it would be a good idea to get some help.

No doubt there are many books and manuals in the bookstores and on the web on home renewable energy, however, most of the books will not actually bring you through a step-by-step build process.

These books will only give you generic information only. Hence, if you are looking for a residential renewable energy guide, look for one which has comprehensive information and yet easy for a novice to understand.

Here’s a few essential topics that you will need to learn how to build your own [tag-tec]home solar power system[/tag-tec].

1) A complete introduction on how solar energy system works.

You will want to know what are the component in the system such as solar cell, charge controller, inverter, battery etc.

2) Where to source for the components.

Before you begin to build a DIY home solar panel, all the components have to be ready. A good manual will give you tips and suggestion where to source for the necessary parts.

3) Step-by-step instructions on how to build your own home solar power system.

If anyone has done any [tag-tec]home improvement[/tag-tec] project involving electrical, they would have to go through many consideration and calculations on the current and voltage requirements. This portion is very important to make sure the new system is stable and safe.

4) Tracking the amount of energy created and used.

With a DIY home solar power system, you want to know how much energy is created on a daily basis. You would also want to know how much energy is consumed in your household. In such, you need a measuring or metering system.

5) Energy storage system.

Last but not least, you have to build an energy storage system. Most of the time, the power created by the DIY solar panel will not be consumed immediately. All the energy has to be stored in battery units for later consumption.

For the system to be complete, you have to know how to make a suite battery network.

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