5 Easy Ways To Extent Your Laptop Battery Life

This blog post was written on my laptop. I have been using the same laptop for the last 2 years. I noticed the battery life does not last as long as it used to. I guess it’s time to get a new battery pack.

How often do you replace your laptop battery?

Generally, the function of the battery is to store electricity. Therefore, the cost of buying batteries also falls under our household energy expenses.

After surfing the web for the cost of a new lithium-ion battery for my laptop, I was surprised how expensive it is. That has lead me to think whether there are any ways to extend the life of lithium based battery.

I did some reading and came up with 5 ways of doing so.

1) Use the power cable.
The best way to extend your laptop battery is not to use it. I don’t mean not using it literally. If you are at home or in the office, you can use the power cable instead.

In situation like this, we can take out the battery and use only current from the power outlet.

2) Charge the battery often.
If you are on the move and have to use your notebook, plug it in and charge it as soon as possible.

3) Don’t use the battery until it’s completely dead.
As it turns out, a dead battery is a battery that has been completely discharged. This is not good for the battery. Completely discharging the battery will drastically reduce its lifespan.

4) Keep it cool.
Most of us will use our laptop for a long duration. That will tend to heat up the whole computer. It is best to keep the notebook processor and its battery cool.

I think the best option is to use a laptop base cooler with exhaust fans.

Here’s another tip. During hot summer days, try not to leave your laptop in the hot car. Doing so will elevate the temperature of the battery. It’s common sense but some people still do it.

5) Not for storage.
Do not buy extra lithium-ion battery and keep it in your drawer. Unpack it and use it immediately.

Observe the battery manufacturing date carefully. If it has been more than 2 years, it is best to look for something that has been made more recent.

It can be tempting to buy cheap discounted battery on sale and keeping it for later use. That may not be a good idea.

Laptop Battery Reconditioning

Is it possible to bring a dead laptop battery back to life? It is not an impossible task if you know what to do.

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