Fixing A Broken Photovoltaic Solar Panel On Your Roof

It is an established fact that Photovoltaic solar panels provide service for decades without any trouble and you get clean and renewable energy for years. There may be few occasions when you may to replace some parts but in any case such expenses are very low when you compare it with the rising electric bills.

If you have installed a home solar power system and it not working properly, the first step is to call the manufacturer or the installer. In case the panels have been installed by you or you have made your own panels, there may be some problems which you can fix yourself.

You must remember that these panels are at the mercy of the nature 365 days a year and one bad hail storm can easily damage the entire solar panels with array and debris. Too much of dust or water under the glass has the same effect.

Sometimes a simple loose connection in the cell can cause problems like low power, such a connection needs soldering. If you want to diagnose which cell may be creating trouble, cover four cells with a hat or a block of wood , you will immediately see that your power has started dropping, if not then one of the cells you have covered is out of circuit and you have diagnosed the problem. You may have to replace entire panel in this case.

Sometimes when it is too hot outside, you will find that the solar energy output is fading; this is because the panel cannot work properly in extreme high temperatures. You may put some water down on arrays with a hose; you will find that voltage once again stabilizes.

Use of voltmeter is highly recommended as it is crucial in testing the entire system. When there is a sudden drop in the voltage you will find wires to become hotter.

The most common problem seen is battery corrosion, this creates oxidation in the metal connection and when it happens, you will have to replace all metal connections and sometimes even battery to stop further heat to prevent further heat damage.

Weather also is an important factor which causes warping and shifting in the metals that connect the solar panel to the inverter, this creates resistance and is responsible for voltage output and further reduces the electric supply. You will have to regularly check the diodes; these are quite vulnerable to burning due to sustained shading in the junction box.

If you notice some leaks on your roof, you may have problems with solar panels, you will have to ensure that there is no leak in the roof by using tile-track system. Just ensure that all the screws are fixed properly even if you miss one, it may cause leak.

The life expectancy of solar power system is almost 25 years and even it can work beyond that period if it is properly maintained. Once you have installed solar power system, you would love to have another one due to efficiency, low maintenance and reducing your rising electric bills.

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