5 Basic Steps To Making Your Own Home Solar Air Heater

Especially in cold climate, a solar air heater is a great idea which one can have with excellent results. This is a real DIY project which has been very successful, especially in those places where heating is required most of the year.

The other sources which are being used at present are not sustainable especially when the energy bills are rising rapidly. The point is to have a cheaper option than the current oil heaters and the best option could be solar air heaters.

There are two variants which can be used as solar air heating system; you may use liquid or air that is heated in the solar energy collectors. The system is based on the principle of heat exchange method to warm the cool air and reduce the conventional systems to perform the same task.

If you are looking for cost effective methods to reduce the electricity loads, solar air heater is the ultimate option. If you want to understand the solar air heating system, just have a look at the electric motor of your hybrid vehicle, you will easily understand the system.

You can use it with your existing system be it oil, gas, wood or anything else, it will decrease your fuel consumption by almost 30%. This sounds quite good, just sees how much your energy bills come down and you contribute to the environment. This is a great idea and everybody will like it to implement.

A solar air heating system is quite warm and soothing using air as the working fluid for absorption and transferring solar energy. The air gets sucked into the warmer part of the vent which makes the enclosure warm and is brought back to the living area.

To reduce your electricity consumption and energy bills, the best option is solar air heaters which are economical and practical. Though photovoltaic cells are in the market, these are still expensive and out of reach for most home owners. In such circumstances solar air heater can prove to be a very effective way of heating your home.

A solar air heater is almost 25 times cheaper than the solar electric PV system and the systems are considered to be excellent Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. You can do it yourself in six simple steps:

1) Frame and fit the box for the enclosure.

2) Paint it and add screen mounting boards.

3) Mount the boards to the wall and seal it.

4) Cut the vents into the wall inside the enclosure which should be 2″x4″ deep.

5) Install the metal window screen.

6) Install glazing and vent valves.

It is quite easy, inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot of time to implement the unit. It would give you satisfaction once you start generating your own energy. Normally people get confused, it will not only give you clean energy, you can reduce the energy bills considerably and have peace of mind.

Once you have solar air heater in your home, you can boast of having the best heating system which is clean, renewable and free.

DIY Solar Air Heater Guide

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