Brill 78371 Razorcut – Why I Love This Baby!

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Brill 78371 Razorcut – Why I Love This Baby!

I want to take the time to explain why I love the new Brill 78371 Razorcut mower. On one beautiful Sunday morning as I was looking forward to a day of sleeping in, I heard what sounded like a thundering roar.

As I jumped out of my bed and ran to the window to see what was going on. I noticed that my neighbor Bob was in the process of mowing his lawn with his very old gas lawn mower. So I politely yelled out to him to get an ‘eco’ friendly lawn mower!

However I am sure that he never heard a word that I was saying over that loud lawn mower of his. Right now you are probably asking what exactly is this ‘eco’ mower that I am speaking of?

Well it is a lawn mower that is environment friendly. This means that it doesn’t leave behind any type of carbon footprint and it does not use any type of gas, oil or even electrical current that is generated by coal.

To be quite honest I feel the most ecological lawn mower out there is the classic push and reel type and this is what makes the Brill Razorcut mower stand out.

Now these push reel mowers are not as laborious in any way as one might think. To explain just the other day as I was mowing the lawn with one hand, I was able to hold an open beer bottle using the other. Not to mention that there is peace and quiet, no loud noise when using this lawn mower.

There is also no unhealthy gas fumes heat blasting at you. And forget about the hands tingling from motor vibrations or even mowing over the electrical cord. All of these are a thing of the past with an ‘eco’ mower and plus it has many other things to offer.

Things like being maintenance free – since there is no need to purchase any gas or oil for that matter. You don’t need spark plugs, chains, belts or have to deal with any sort of wiring. And the best part of all is that your neighbors will not hate you for using a loud mower in the on a Sunday morning when they want to sleep in.

Another great feature of the German engineered Brill 78371 Razorcut is that the folds up for easy storage and has a durable rubber foam handle that gives you comfortable when pushing your lawn mower.

Other features that this lawn mower has are blades that stay sharp for at least eight years. So to break it all down, what you have is an ‘eco’ friendly lawn mower that doesn’t make any noise while in use, maintenance free, has eight inch wheels for easy mowing, sealed steel bearings and use no gas or oil.

Seems to me that the Brill Razorcut mower is a great machine to have in one’s lawn care arsenal. You will be happy and your neighbors will be happy. Now you can see why I love this new Brill Razorcut mower. Click on the link below to get the 78371 Razorcut from and have it delivered to your home right now!

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