5 Tips Of Home Photovoltaic PV System Cost Saving

Installation of home photovoltaic solar panels is normally a preliminary step, before planning to make a habitat 100% green. Here are a few tips to share, on making your own solar panel, for producing electricity for domestic purposes.

It is a common notion that installation of solar panels is highly expensive, which is not a true. But solar installations sometimes become quite expensive, if the services of some large companies like Evergreen Solar or similar other professionals are hired.

Any person can choose to set up his own solar panel as suggested here.

1) At first try buying broken or chipped solar panels, from the sources that sell them. Some of the accredited manufacturers of solar cells also fail to make perfect products, which gives a chance for a buyer to negotiate at a cheaper rate.

The solar products bought from such companies can be assembled by ones own means. Everybody knows that the solar panels widely in use in states like California get broken quite frequently and the users are in a thrust to sell them off. A buyer can purchase them at a cheaper rate. It will be surprising to find that such “broken” panels though not fully operative, will continue to supply energy required for a home, without any extra-expenditure.

2) Another economy measure is to build ones own solar panel after acquiring individual solar batteries from sources like eBay or local store. From an eBay search, one can trace hundreds of people trading in broken or chipped solar cells. With such cheaply acquired solar cells it is easy to assemble ones own solar panel, that too at a low cost.

3) There is a false notion that with the installation of solar panels, the electricity bills can be totally eliminated. This may be varying according to areas. One region may get plenty of sunlight while others may not.

Despite plenty of sunlight, some houses may be situated under thick trees, roofs or other obstructions blocking the light. But still, sunlight for 5 to 6 hours will be adequate for a solar panel to supply energy that is enough to save on electricity bills.

4) People most often falsely think that the electricity bills can be totally eliminated on installation of a solar panel. This is not true and what is required before solar installations is, to have a correct assessment on average energy consumption of a house in kilowatts, by referring to previous electricity bills.

As a general rule, most of the homes may need solar panels with a capacity of at least 2000 watts or more, in order to achieve a significant reduction in electricity bills. That would require a few hundreds to thousand individual solar cells and more number of solar panels, all much cheaper to buy from eBay.

5) Another misconception is that Do It Yourself (DIY) solar installations, may get easily disassembled unlike the professionally installed ones, which is never true. Solar panels need greater attention in maintenance. In order not to enter the water inside the panels, the holes may need sealing with silicone.

Similarly, the cells require to be covered with flexi-glass to the border. The solar panels should be cleaned annually and the wirings checked to make sure that the system runs properly and is always free of moisture inside. With such proper maintenance measures, the life span of a solar panel can be certainly extended.