Keeping Your Home Safe & Save Energy With Solar Post Lights

Solar lights for driveways are gaining popularity these days, they not only provide light but also guidance to the people for the night time guests who come by automobile or on foot. Some people also integrate the solar driveway lights for the overall security plan for their homes.

These lights not only provide guidance and security but enhance the beauty of your homes which automatically adds value to your property. The biggest attraction of having solar lights is its easy installation and cost, you do not need to dig and run the lines to transmit power to the nearest electrical outlet. This saves lot of money which you would otherwise spend on digging and running of the lines.

Solar lights give you total freedom to place the solar panels and it automatically takes it from the nature, the sun. The more exposure to sunlight means better lights at your home. The solar cells get charged and collect energy from the sunlight during the day, the same power is released during the nights which give power to your LEDs in the lights.

It follows the same pattern like rechargeable batteries at your home and in the long run you save lot of money. Since you do not need to purchase the lights, it ends up in giving you the clean energy as compared to the conventional power and your investment in solar power energy recovers the cost in few years.

Solar post lights offer a great solution to the security plan of your home, by having more lights inside and outside the garden makes it a difficult target for burglars and thieves. The well lit house is not an easy target for burglars, they always look for a house which has less light and the surroundings are dark.

Solar driveways concept is very recent for the outdoor lighting, these lights have become quite popular in recent years due to the technology advancement. The three main obstacles which made solar lights difficult to install have been solved.

Today solar panels are more efficient, the breakthrough gave smaller solar panels to generate more energy even in less light. This means the solar panel can now collect more energy than the older and much larger solar panels which were used earlier.

Improved storage capacity is another area because now solar post lights use lithium and NiCad batteries which hold energy that is to be supplied to the solar panels. This means large quantity of energy can be saved in smaller batteries.

Also these batteries have a long life and do not require either replacement or repairs. Today all the solar post lights use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), these LEDs are much more efficient than the conventional florescent, incandescent, halogen or any other bulbs.

LEDs have the property of transferring higher percentage of energy into light, which are much higher than any other bulb and there is also no heat generated, these bulbs are longer in size than in other bulbs. These new breakthroughs have made solar light that are small, economical and efficient.