Green Energy Technology – The Rising Challenges

Electric energy is something that we take for granted because it is the power that is behind all our household equipment and machines. We hardly give a thought to how we get all this energy.

However, electricity comes with a very high price and it is hard for municipalities to keep up with the rising demand for more and more energy. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest challenges faced by people today is how to provide an energy source that is clean and yet at the same time just as effective and affordable.

There is a whole new cottage industry that has come out of this need and that is green energy technology. These challenges are not easily met, because this newer greener energy needs to be renewable also.

Some see the power of the sum as a no charge resource; and as gift from the actual heavens. Solar power is a popular choice with people, and industries could use it to help them make a profit also. Maybe the time for solar energy to be more fully utilized by society has come. I can imagine solar cells placed in cars to absorb solar power to replace the traditional utilization of diesel and gasoline driven cars.

The power of the sun offers so much more than just a source of energy to run things, it also offers free warmth. We all know that the sun is an efficient energy source because we have all had the experience of being in an unheated room and finding the one spot that has been bathed in sunlit for a while. We relish in the warmth.

More and more people are willing to make the considerable initial investment to add solar panels to their home’s roof in order to help offset the cost of heating their home. In the summer the design features of your house can create natural air flows that will help keep you cool through shading of the sun.

You also don’t have to worry when you have plans on investing in solar panels for your home, or even for your business since it will lock in your electricity rate and that will protect you from rate hikes. Sounds like a win- win situation. It also seems like a really feasible way to provide an electrical source to boats; RV’s, sheds and cabins.

I think we need to look to the manufacturing of solar cells as a new cottage industry to take us into the 21st Century. Factories could create solar electricity with rates comparable to ordinary fossil-fuel derived electricity. I think affordable solar cells can be an ideal solution to our energy problems.

Low-priced solar cells along with batteries will stop our reliance on oil, coal and atomic fuels. I think the time has really come for solar power to take center stage and become the means we use to heat or homes, and move our cars. It will create new industry, promote job growth, and ensure a safer greener future for all.