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Power4Home System Reviews – Reviewing John Russel’s E-book

If you were to surf the internet for information related to residential solar or wind energy, most probably you’ll come across John Russel’s Power4Home e-book.

If this is the first time you heard about it, this Power4Home system review will give you a better understand on what’s behind the manual.

The Power4Home main website can be located at www.power4home.com. The author of the book is John Russel from Minnesota.

Here’s something you may not know. It is not certain if John Russel is a real person or just a marketing figure. It is very common for e-book publishers to use a character they created to market their product. The Power4Home system is no different.

However, the value in the content of the e-book, not how they package it, don’t you think so?

So what is behind the Power4Home system?

The manual is basically a manual to show you step by step how to use solar and wind energy to supplement your home energy needs hence reducing the amount of money you have to pay for electricity.

Does the information behind Power4Home works?

Let’s take a home solar power system as an example. The first part of the content in Power4Home system is a step by step pdf file on Do It Yourself (DIY) solar panel. It also comes with numerous High Definition (HD) instructional videos.

The key here is to put what you’ve learned into practice. Buying an e-book from the internet is no different from buying a paperback book from a book store.

A large percentage of people will buy a book but never read pass the first chapter. Most people will buy an e-book, download it and just scroll through the pages. After some time, it will be just another file in your hard drive.

For Serious DIY Enthusiasts

However, if you are a real DIY enthusiast and like to work with your hands and tools, the content in Power4Home will be very useful. You will actually learn how to make a DIY solar panel with less than $200.

The solar panel suggested in the manual is capable of generating 18 volts and approximately 75 watts of electricity. The amount of power from the solar panel is enough to charge a 12 volts deep cycle battery.

The battery can then be used to power any DC electrical equipment. If you need Alternate Current (AC), you can use a power inverter to change the DC to AC. You can now use the AC to run your laptop, computer, Ipod, PDA, cell phone etc.

Are you serious about find ways to reduce your home electricity bill?

If you are, check out the Power4Home system. It also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose.

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