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Magniwork Generator Plans – Create Power With Magnetic Generator

There has been a lot of buzz lately on the Magniwork guide book. If you were to do a search in the search engine on home renewable energy, most probably you will find a couple of web sites mentioning the Magniwork generator plans.

If you are a home owner, one of your largest monthly expenses is your electricity bill. With so many home appliances running on electricity, your utility bill will only get more expensive.

To reduce cost, money people are opting to use renewable energy such as solar power, wind generator and now…a magnetic generator.

The concept of a magnetic generator uses the natural “attraction and repelling” forces of magnets. Magnets with the same poles will repel each other while different poles will attract.

In the Magniwork e-book, the author presents to you the blueprints on how to build your own magnet driven device. Generally, the device main component is a disc supported at the center with a central core.

Magnet bars having positive poles are placed at similar intervals around the circumference of the disc. Next, more magnet bars with positive poles are place outside the disc at a fixed position.

When the magnets come close to each other, the positive poles will repel one another hence spinning the disc. The idea is to let the disc spin so it will gather enough momentum.

To harness the spinning momentum, a belt is attached from the central core to an electric generator or dynamo. Yup, it is the same type of dynamo used on bicycle.

When the dynamo spins, it will create an electric current which then can be used to charge a series of batteries. The power from the battery can then be used to power your home electronic gadgets.

Does the Magniwork generator plans work?

The blueprints make it look easy to make the magnetic generator. In actual fact, it requires a lot of precision engineering. You must get the weight of the magnets balanced just right or friction will prevent the disc from spinning freely.

There is a lot of room for improvement, but nonetheless, many Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts are giving it a try.

The Magniwork generator e-book comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you can’t seem to make it work, well, you can always ask for your money back.

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  1. Alexander Ditmann November 17, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Here’s an interesting information product that I found recently that may be related to renewable energy for homes. It is an e-book.
    When I first read the information on the page, I was pretty intrigued. The introduction videos are pretty interesting also. It talks about generating electricity by using a magnetic generator.

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