Sunforce 50044 Review – See How Easily You Can Have Solar Power With Sunforce

This is a short review of the Sunforce 50044 home solar kit for those who are planning to use solar energy to reduce their home electricity consumption.

Firstly, the 50044 kit comes with 4 solar panels capable of producing 15 watts each. Hence, the total power output you’ll get is 60 watts.

The solar kit also comes with a 200 watt power inverter, a 7 amp charge controller and wiring accessories. The only thing that is left out are the batteries.

The number of battery will depend on your personal power requirement. It is best to go for deep cycle battery because it generates a steady power output and can be discharged to a very low level without damaging the internal parts.

Here’s a tip, do not use car battery for a home solar power system. Car battery is designed to generate a high energy spike in order to crank the internal combustion engine. A residential solar system needs a steady power output over a long period of time. Therefore, always go for deep cycle battery.

What type of equipment can you power with the Sunforce 50044 solar kit?

With a 200 watt power inverter, you can plug in most of your home electrical appliances such as laptop, television, Ipod, light fixtures etc. You may not have sufficient power to run all the equipment simultaneously, nonetheless, you can power the appliances with free energy from the sun.

If you have a small room, cabin or RV, the Sunforce 50044 is great as a remote and portable power generator unit.

The kit is available from at $289.99 inclusive of shipping charges.