How To Reduce Home Energy Bill With Blinds And Shades

A lot of home owners may not know about this. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning comprise, on average, about 25 percent of a typical household monthly electricity bill.

As you may already guess, any measures you take to improve this area will reduce your total monthly utility bill substantially.

The Solar Challenge

In my case, I live in a place with 365 days of sun coverage a year. It can be pretty hot some times.

The biggest issue we experienced is solar radiation that will heat up the interior of the house. A large amount of money is spent on air-conditioning. How can we improve this?

As I was doing my research on DIY solar homes, I found out a simple way to overcome solar radiation at home is by using “window covers”. The cheapest form of window covers is via blinds, awnings and shades.

In most cases, our home can achieve better insulative properties by simply covering the windows with appropriate materials such as sun reflectors, insulation webs, heavy colored fabrics etc.

Another approach we can take is to acquire the habit of opening and closing blinds and curtains at a certain times of the day.

For example, close the shades during the afternoon session or late evening, especially if the main living room is facing the west direction where the sun sets.

Block Out The Sun With Blinds

If you want to reduce you home energy bill, why not use blinds on the windows. You don’t have to install blinds on every window, just the one letting direct sun light into the room.

Depending on the type of blinds you use, they can be excellent absorbers or reflectors of sun light. If you are staying in an area with cold climates, you want the blinds to absorb as much sun light as possible to warm up the room.

If the climate is hot, you want the opposite effect by getting the blinds to block the sun ray.

What is the best way to use blinds at home?

During summer time, many people made the mistake by placing the blinds inside a window to keep sunlight out. If you do this, the blinds will soak up the sun energy and releasing it into the room. You are still experiencing solar radiation.

A better approach is to fix the blinds over a window on the outside. By doing this, the sun light will be stopped by the blinds and the heat will be dissipated outside the room.

Of course by placing the blinds outside the room, it will get very hot. Chances are, the blinds may not even last very long.

But who cares?

We can just buy inexpensive blinds from the hardware store and do a replacement when it is worn down. You can use the money you save from your reduced monthly power bill to do this.

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