Electricity Power Surges – Rendering Your Home Security System Useless

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Electricity Power Surges – Rendering Your Home Security System Useless

Power surges can cause companies to lose valuable time and data as equipment shuts down unsafely. There are also dangerous fire risks associated with power surges. To protect sensitive and important information from a sudden electricity supply spike, the solution is to hire an electrician to install dedicated circuits. These circuits will provide power to areas which are vulnerable to power surges, as well as areas which use a heavy power load.

Dedicated circuits are specialized circuits which perform on only one appliance. Each of your vulnerable machines will have its own dedicated circuit breaker. This breaker will be placed in the proximity of the power source, the closer the better.

By neglecting to install dedicated circuits in your home or office, you are putting yourself and your business at risk. Without dedicated circuits, circuit overloads will occur. These circuit overloads are a dangerous fire risk. Because of this fire risk, the National Electric Code legally requires businesses to have dedicated circuits on various appliances.

In addition to causing fires, circuit overloads can result in loss of sensitive data on computers. Without dedicated circuits, a company loses its security capabilities.

In residential homes, a power surge can neutralize home alarm, motion detectors, security lights and other security measures, leaving your home weakened towards threats. A security system is not safe if it can be rendered useless by something as simple as a family member plugging in a coffee pot into the wrong outlet.

By not having dedicated circuits, you are putting your household in unnecessary risk. In this digitalized age, companies are increasingly reliant on computers to do business. Power surges associated with a lack of dedicated circuits will destroy sensitive information and render computers useless.

Power surges can do more than simply cost you untold damages, as certain vulnerable equipment such as high priced motherboards on your computer can be destroyed. In addition to sensitive equipment, equipment that uses a high volume of power are at risk of a power surge. This includes refrigeration, air condition, and heating which can be knocked out by a power surge.

Restaurants which have deep freezers and refrigerators can lose thousands of dollars of perishable items if a power surge causes the freezer to shut off. Gymnasiums with treadmills are huge consumers of power, and as such are known to be hit by power surges if they do not have dedicated circuits.

Because each home is different, it is important to have a professional electrician fully evaluate each unique situation. The electrician will do an inspection of vulnerability to a power surge, and will be able to plan dedicated circuits to provide security and stability.

After the installation process, the system will run smoother and more efficiently. Security and deadly fire risks will be minimized, and your home will not be at risk to the dangerous effects of power surges anymore.

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