Shed Building 101 Review – Is the Shed Building Plans a Scam?

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Shed Building 101 Review – Is the Shed Building Plans a Scam?

So you’ve seen the Shed Building 101 advertisements, articles on the internet and you’ve even visited their main web site at, but is Shed Building 101 a scam?

If you have never bought anything from the web before, it is understandable that you feel a bit apprehensive when buying anything online.

Shed Building 101 Plans

Just like the name suggests, the Shed Building 101 package consist of 41 Do It Yourself (DIY) wooden shed construction plans. Examples of the shed blueprints are Cabana, Pool House, Shop, Backyard Studio, Mini Barn etc.

But why would you want to build your own shed for your backyard? One of the key reasons is to save cost. If you were to engage the service of a professional contractor, even a relatively small wooden shed will cost you a few thousand dollars due to high material and man power cost.

If you are good with hand tools and you have some woodworking skills, why not build the shed on your own. You will save a lot of money if you were to buy your own lumber and construct the shed via a DIY approach.

With the help from a couple of your friends and neighbors, you can complete the entire shed in a day or two. What you need right now is a good shed building blueprint. That is exactly what Shed Building 101 will give you.

Shed Blueprints in Digital Format

If you are planning to buy Shed Building 101, all the plans will be delivered to you immediate through the internet. The plans are all in digital PDF files format and can be easily read using the Adobe Acrobat reader which is free to download.

When you’ve downloaded the plans into your computer, you can now print them out as many times as you like. You don’t have to worry about having your building plans ripped, torn or lost. All you have to do is open the PDF file and print out another copy.

Shed Building 101 Review Conclusion

To give you a peace of mind, the publisher of Shed Building 101 has included a 60 days money back policy on your purchase. Meaning, if you do not see any value in the DIY wooden shed plans, you are entitled to get a full refund within 60 days from your purchase date. Everything has been done to give you the best value for your money.

How much does the package cost? If you were to read through the web site, you’ll see all 41 shed plans are selling at a very low price of only $29.00. If you are planning to buy the shed construction blueprints, I hope this Shed Building 101 review has been helpful for you.

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