How To Cut Down On Water Usage At Home?

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How To Cut Down On Water Usage At Home?

A person becomes conscious of his responsibility for conservation of water, only when he has to foot a hefty bill, towards water charges. His concern increases on acquiring a family and living with children. Conservation of water has become a high priority for most of the house owners, who have no real idea on how they can achieve this.

The topic discussed here contains some guidelines, to minimize usage of water in the daily life, without seriously negotiating with our life-style and comforts. There are ways to evolve a practical solution, even without major investments and repairs.

Energy Star has come up with some great tips on conservation of water. In this context, it is ideal to examine, how the use of home energy can better be regulated, with a view to regulate the expenditure.

Repairing water leaks.

Unexpected leaks in water lines or water storage devises would be a quite disgusting situation for a person to handle. It is a common practice to arrest such leakages with some temporary patch works or minor replacements. The situation becomes far more serious, when an appliance starts leaking.

All utility appliances like a cloth washer, dish washer, sprinkler system or toilets have to be checked to find out the actual cause when a leakage occurs. Still, confusion will remain on what remedies are needed and how the problem can be solved.

In such a situation an expert in home energy audit can help you by conducting necessary tests to identify the real area of wastage and suggest on ways to curb the energy consumption. It also becomes possible to get the essential repairs done with the expertise of such persons.

Using the right type of toilet.

Some toilets may be good looking in outward appearance and efficient in flushing, but an interior leakage undetectable to you may cost a lot, by way of energy charges. It will always possible for an expert to find out such defects, unlike a layman.

Everybody should be aware of the fact that an old brand toilet installed almost two decades ago with great enthusiasm, has to be necessarily replaced by and energy-efficient one, which are abundantly available in the present day markets.

Here also Energy Star comes to your rescue, with the expertise knowledge that would help save thousands of gallons of water, going wasted in the toilets of a small family.

Use of energy-efficient cloth washers and dish washers: It is high time to replace the decades old washing machines that usually consume lot of energy, in comparison with the latest additions in the market, which are far too energy-efficient.

Here again, the Energy Star can come to your help with suggestions on the latest washers, which consume only one quarter of the energy, than that in an old model. The savings here would be to the tune of ½ to 1/3 of the total water costs to a family. With such savings, one can easily buy a cost-efficient dryer. The suggestion applies to dish washers too.

Replacement of a decade old dish washer, with a new energy efficient one helps save a lot in energy expenses, to the quite surprise of a user!

Prepare the most efficient landscape and maintenance.

The plants selected for the landscape in each season should be climate-friendly, which would grow naturally, without much water support. This way you can avoid wastage of much water to maintain such plants.

Your watering schedule must be so adjusted that the water is not sprinkled, when there is rain and the soil remains wet enough.

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