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Energy Efficiency – Find The Potential In Your Home To Save Energy

It is an old saying that energy saved is energy produced; this is also true that no two homes are exactly the same and finding ways to save power is a golden rule. One must find ways and areas where energy efficiency can be implemented and electric waste can totally be eliminated.

Every home can use efficiency to stop power waste, irrespective of the age of the building. The biggest hurdle is that we cannot get trained as energy auditors, we cannot run across our homes with a blower door or as a smoke puffer, the potential area where electricity can be saved is found in the areas where something is amiss.

An energy auditor finds those gaps and components which can be used to make it energy efficient. It has been seen that almost all the homes across the country use double the energy than required to be make their lives comfortable. The power which is used unnecessarily costs around 45 billion per year.

Are your power bills increasing enormously? You too have become part of 45 billion. We may be part of this energy waste though unknowingly, the improper insulation, air sealing and lack of efficient cooling and heating system contribute to this waste which costs us billions.

Energy efficiency devices.

There is a way where we can contribute to power saving and lower our power bill, we can look for ways and means for the potential savings in our homes and let the neighbors continue paying for the waste. The energy auditor to do it yourself with a strong desire to save money on the power bills has a better opportunity of finding energy savings than the average person with a golden dredge.

If you cannot do it, it would be better to contact your energy supplier and find ways and means to audit free your home energy needs. Your power provider will bring smile on your face by giving solutions to save the power.

You may use Retrofit to save the power; it is change or addition to a home or homes heating system. This will help in the conservation of the power. Retrofits can be the solution for the homeowner who does not like energy waste and high power bills. Retrofits can be made part of weatherization plan across the country and can become great source of saving energy.

It has been seen that weatherization plans can save on power bills, 23 % energy on heating and 26 % on cooling. All people irrespective of their income level can get benefitted by using this program and assist in conservation of energy by contacting their power providers.

The residential weatherization program uses four strategies for the energy conservation. Retrofits can be used in building shell; studies suggest that electricity and gas is wasted most through holes in the building shell.

The energy auditors are of the opinion that air leakage is different in different homes. If the leaks are plugged properly, lot of energy can be saved. Window coatings with improvised glass have made retrofits quite energy efficient.

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