How To Build Home Solar Panels – It’s Not As Easy As You Think

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How To Build Home Solar Panels – It’s Not As Easy As You Think

Many home owners like to reduce their home electricity consumption by using free energy from the sun. Because of that, the home solar power industry has grown into a billion dollar market in the United States.

Unfortunately, installing a complete solar power system for your home can be quite expensive. If you didn’t know, prepare to be shocked and awed.

You’ll need to invest at least $40,000 and above to get a robust system that will fulfill all your household energy needs!

Many people would not be able to afford that or rather they are hesitant to invest in the system because it takes a few decades to recoup their investment.

As a cheaper alternative, many home owners are turning to the Do It Yourself (DIY) home solar system.

One of the components of the solar system which you can make on your own is the solar panel. The construction process is not easy, but it is definitely possible.

For those who are technically challenged or you have trouble operating a hand tool, the process would not be easy for you. The best option for you is to ask someone to help you or pay someone to make the solar panel for you.

If you have some experience working in your garage or workshop, your next step is to get a solar panel design blueprint. You’ll need a step by step instructional plan and wiring diagram for the panel.

When you have the plan, the next step is to prepare the budget. You will need to source for Photovoltaic (PV) cells and all the necessary lumber and electrical components.

How much money do you need to set aside for 1 solar panel? Generally, you’ll need about $200 or less.

What are the tools do you need?

To make the solar panel, you will need a multi-meter, screwdriver, soldering iron, wire cutter, pen knife, glue gun, hand drill and hand saw. These tools are fairly basic and you can buy them from your local hardware store.

Remember, you are working with electricity in your project. Make sure your design plan is proven and reliable. Make sure you understand the concept of a DIY solar panel.

Any mistake or error in the design can be harmful to you and your home. The electric spark caused by the faulty wiring has the potential of burning your house down!

This is not to discourage you from making your own solar powered panel, but rather to remind you to practice safety first.

DIY Solar Panel Building Plan

If you are looking for a reliable and proven homemade solar panel plan, check out Michael Harvey’s Earth4Energy guide.

The guide comes with instructions in pdf file and High Definition (HD) step by step instructional videos which you can download immediately to your computer.

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