Homemade Solar Power System – Explaining Home PV System In A Nutshell

If you are planning to build your own homemade solar panels, you have an option to download PDF formatted file, where you will get both schematic and systematic instruction for Photovoltaic (PV) solar pane installation. This will help you to construct your own house solar generating system.

Such instructions are easy to follow and you can do it yourself without any help from the professionals. It is quite possible that once you have your own solar generating system that you totally disassociate with the national grid system. That’s a good thing, don’t you think so? You will get electricity in your house without spending anything on the energy bills.

Getting Started With Home PV System

The basics of even the most complex system uses the same technology which most of the simple mini solar panel system use. You must know that there are three main components in the solar panel, which are Photovoltaic solar cell, simple wiring and a battery bank.

A solar cell is the main energy producing part of a solar panel. The Photovoltaic cells collect the energy from the sun rays and converts it to usable electricity immediately. You have to build a battery storage system for the solar cell, using deep cycle batteries are easily available in the hardware stores.

Once your home battery bank has been fabricated, you have to link all the solar panels together to the battery via a charge controller. When the sun is out, the PV cells will start generating electric charge and store them in the battery bank. The stored electricity can then be used to light bulbs or small appliances at home.

Creating a Multi Panel System

Once you have the experience fabricating a basic simple cell unit, you need to build additional units and connect these to make a multi-panel system.

By connecting multiple solar panels, you will get enough power to support your energy needs, it is simple that the system which have multiple PV panels will give you more electricity. The surplus electricity can even be used during night time when there is no sun light.

If you love the environment and want to have a fossil free life, you can use renewable resources to generate electricity to power your household. You can construct a whole house system to generate solar power for the entire house.

You need to have a group of multi panel systems which are connected together, this you can either be installed on the roof of your house or close by. This system will generate enough power which should suffice your entire energy needs. This system can create free electricity indefinitely as long as the sun is shining in the sky.

There are two options, first you can construct a system large enough to meet your energy needs, and the excess energy which is stored in the deep cycle battery cells can be used when sun is not there. Second, you can build a solar system large enough to supply your house enough electricity and the excess can be supplied to the power grid, which will give you credits and your power meter will start rolling backwards.

You can also draw power from the grid at night when the sun is not available. This system will allow you to have your system without batteries and you can save money which you otherwise would have spent on purchasing the batteries. One thing is for sure, there is enough information available on internet to teach you how to make your own solar power generating system.