Do It Yourself (DIY) Solar Power System Made Easy

Are you in the process of evaluating a do it yourself (DIY) solar power system? One of the largest expense bill in a household in the energy bill. Imagine if we can reduce our home energy consumption by converting free [tag-tec]solar power[/tag-tec] into electricity to power our home appliances.

How big should the solar array be for your home? The amount of electricity that will be generated by the solar cells depend on its number of wattage and the number of direct sunlight the solar panels receive. If your home is located in an area with good sun coverage yearly, the power generated can be quite substantial.

What happen if your DIY solar panels are producing more power than you needed. If that happens, you are in a great position. The access power created by your homemade [tag-tec]solar generator[/tag-tec] can be sold to the electric company. Different district would have their own individual policy. You would have to check with your local authority on the matter.

Before you begin setting up a home solar power system, there are a few things you need to consider. Any new home improvement project will incur some capital investment. In order to recoup your investment, you have to determine how long it will take. You want to make sure you do not move during that time frame.

Apart from the Return On Investment (ROI) time frame on your DIY solar panel, you would also have to know the size of your roof. Do you have enough space to install the solar cells? Solar cells work best with direct sunlight. If most of the south facing roof space is covered by a large tree, the [tag-tec]photovoltaic[/tag-tec] collector may not work efficiently.

There are a few other factors you would have to consider before you decide to go ahead with a DIY solar panel system for your home. I will cover them in my future blog posts.

Home Solar And Wind Power Videos

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