Wiring Your DIY Solar Panel To Charge Controller

Installing your own homemade solar power system involves multiple steps. Previously, I wrote about how to install the DIY solar panel up on the roof. When the panel is up, the next step is to wire it up to the charge controller. Here’s the simple instruction for the process.

What you need to do is slip in the BX cable from the solar panel to the charge controller. It is a good idea to insulate the tip so you don’t create a spark on the device.

Feed the wire through a strainer lead and tighten it up. This is to prevent the BX cable from being accidentally yanked off the charge controller.

With the Direct Current (DC) coming from the solar panel, you should use some kind of fusing system. Just in case something goes wrong, the fuse will burn off rather than your solar component.

For the fusing mechanism, you can use a standard car fuse rated 40 amps at 32 volts. What you really need is about 15 amp and the car fuse is more than enough to give your system some measure of protection.

Now, attach the fuse to the positive wire on the BX cable and the protection system is done.

If you are building a large residential solar power system, the fuse protection mechanism will have to be done in a separate box. For a small DIY system, a simple connection on the live wire should be fine.

Next, use a small jumper wire on the fuse mechanism to connect it to the charge controller. Look at the charge controller circuitry and locate the positive terminal. That is where the wire should be attached to.

Next to the positive terminal should be the negative terminal. Connect the negative wire from the BX cable to this terminal.

Finally, connect the ground terminal to the ground wire from the BX cable. Usually, the ground wire is green in color.

When you’ve finished connecting the cable from the solar panel to the charge controller, the next step is to do the battery connection.

DIY Home Solar System Guide

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